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Meet Our Ambassadors!

What are ambassadors? Well, first, that's a pretty big word for us average folks. Above The Ridge doesn't look for the people who are sponsored by over-caffeinated crappy drinks, or just in the spotlight all the time so they can wear our logo'd shirt just so it will show up on TV or a social media pic somewhere. Our "ambassadors" are the folks we reached out to and kindly asked if they wanted to be part of us, because we saw that they are out doing what they love, and doing it frequently. And it happens to involve what we love as well - the outdoors! They are not superstars by definition, but they are passionately pursuing what they love, and we admire them for that. Inspiration most often comes in the people that are standing right next to you and the ones you interact with daily. Sometimes if you pause for just a minute or two, you'll realize inspiration might just be five feet away from you. So please allow us to introduce the Above The Ridge Ambassadors!

Rebecca Jones
Nashville, TN

Becca has competed in the Barkley Fall Classic which is a taste of what the Big Barkley has to offer. If you've never heard of the Barkley Marathons, look them up on Netflix, well worth viewing! Becca hopes to one day give a go at the Barkley Marathons. Her running has taken her throughout the mountains of the Southeast, through Tennesse and from Alabama to North Carolina. In August of 2017, her running will be taking her all the way to the Pacific Northwest to the Cascade mountains to run 200 miles from Mount St. Helens to the Columbia River Gorge. This will be her most epic adventure to date and she just can't wait! She loves taking on new challenges, meeting new people ,and exploring new trails. She's also been known to enjoy a cold beverage... or three. This is an endurance athlete after our own hearts! Becca has always said you can't threaten her with a good time and she is encouraged to live by that. In life or on the trails, she fully tries to embrace every experience and encourage everyone she meets to try and find the positive in everything they experience. Happy Running Friends!

Keaton Murphy
Knoxville, TN

Keaton lives in Knoxville, TN and enjoys hiking, kayaking, and all things outdoors. He likes to share his adventures through his photography, which we must say, is pretty exceptional. He is always looking for new places to explore in and around his local area, as well as some distant areas when time permits. Aside from his native Smoky Mountains, Keaton's excursions have taken him to places like Banff, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah. In the summer of 2017, Keaton embarked on an exploration throughout the Rocky Mountain National Park. To see more of Keaton's journeys, follow him on Instagram.